Monday, October 16, 2006

iTunes 7

Here I will post a mini review on the new Apple software, iTunes 7, for you, my beloved reader. iTunes 7 was recently released and is a significant upgrade to an already wonderful line of digital media organization. The feature that most strikes me is the ability to download album artwork and view it in a jukebox fashion. It doesn't sound like much, until you try it. I recently added a second monitor to my computer, and now I keep iTunes up on it pretty much all the time.

A great thing about iTunes is the ability to share your music over a local network. For instance, all of my music is stored on disk drives in my desktop computer in my room. But, if I want to listen to the same music in the living room, I can use iTunes to access my music through the network, without having to move or copy the files. This saves space and gives me the flexibility to enjoy my music no matter where I am in the home.

There really are alot of great features in iTunes. Another one that greatly got my attention was the new interface for iPod use. I've been having a 5G iPod Video since the week they came out, and let me tell you that the new iTunes makes using it alot easier. Now when I browse the contents of my iPod I am given a graphical representation of how much space each type of media is taking up. Very nifty!

Really, all I want to do here is to encourage you to give iTunes 7 a spin. The software can be downloaded for free from Apple's website at the following link:

The software is available for Windows and Mac. Unfortunately there is no version for Linux...

Be sure to give it a try!